References from Gatsby research

* Complete sewing guide – Readers Digest
* Jazzage fashion, dress to kill – Virgina bales and Daisy Bales
* Fashion of the roaring 20s – Elle Laubres
* Costume in context 1920s and 1930s – Jennifer Ruby
* Classic tailoring techniques a construction guide for mens wear – Roberto Cabera
* Mens 17th and 18th century costume, cut and fashion – Ron I Davis
* Mens garments 1830 – 1900 a guide to pattern cutting and tailoring – Ron I Davis
* York Notes on The Great Gatsby
* The great Gatsby Novel – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Websites: used to collect pictures from the film and the designers drawings. interview with Catherine Martin the costume designer of The Great Gatsby. :
*                                         – Trailer of The Great Gatsby 2013
*                                         – Behind the scenes of Brookes Brothers costume
*                                         – Deleted scenes from the 2013 film
*                                         – 1920s silent movie trailer of The Great Gatsby


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