My chosen discipline based technique is tailoring to develop practice of this I chose to look at the great gatsby. I started my research by looking at tailoring in general, techniques and technical terms for construction. I researched briefly into the history of tailoring and found three books to help me with this:

The first which is a step by step guide of construction of mens suits – Classic Tailoring techniques a construction guide for mens wear by Roberto Cabera
The second which also gave me a good insight into the technique is – Mens 17th & 18th century costume, cut and fashion by Ron I Davis
The third book on tailoring was Mens garments 1830 – 1900 a guide to pattern cutting and tailoring by Ron I Davis
I also looked at readers digest complete guide to sewing.

In these books I researched how to construct mens tailored suits. The information I found gave me an insight into the construction.


This led me to looking at tailoring in the 1920s and suits in the great gatsby because i think the costumes show this technique well which will help me to improve my discipline by researching into this more.

Concentrating mainly on the 2013 film of gatsby, I started by looking at the mens suits in the film and this quickly let me to female costumes from the 1920s and the background behind them.

For womenswear during the 1920s I looked at Jazz age fashion, dress to kill by Virginia bales and Daisy bales
I also looked at Fashion of the roaring 20s by Ellie Laubres
and finally costume in context the 1920s and 1930s by Jennifer ruby.

In these books I researched 1920s women wear and this led me to learn that during the 1920s women became more independent especially in the jazz age.  The jazz age is the period just after the first world war ending with the great depression. This period is usually identified with money and gaiety. This extravagance can be seen in the women’s clothing especially. They were keen on lavish dresses with sequins and were extremely detailed. The 1920s is most famous for the flapper dress.

The flapper dress defines the look of the 1920s, the signature drop waist and short skirt came to emulate the good time charleston girl of the era.


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